How to Create a Great Presentation for the Board Meeting

A well-crafted presentation is an important tool for fostering a constructive dialogue and gaining support for your company’s needs with regard to finances and projects. It’s a great way to showcase your leadership skills and expertise before the board.

It is important to consider the objectives of your presentation and make sure you are clear about what you intend to accomplish by it. You should aim to make the board members feel like they gained a lot of value out of your presentation. This could include a discussion on the challenges and achievements of last quarter or a summary of your goals for the upcoming quarter. It could also be thinking about the current obstacles to our big, bold, and hairy goal.

In addition to knowing what you hope to accomplish with your presentation, it’s also important to know what response you’re looking for from the board. Boards tend to be concerned about various things like the long-term impact, risks and how your strategies align with the overall strategy of the business. If you bring up their concerns early in your presentation, and provide them an idea of the issues they face, they’ll be more likely to back your plans.

You should practice your presentation a number of times prior to present it before the board. This will make you more confident and prevent you from saying ‘um or fumbling through your words. You can also request feedback from others after you’ve given your presentation.

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