Avast Free Review Windows

Avast free review windows

Avast’s website here new interface is well laid-out, with clear demarcation between its various elements and easy-to-use blue icons (with orange accents derived from the company logo) to highlight the suite’s features. On the homepage, you can run an examination, activate the VPN and access shortcuts to a number of not-so-utilized tools for system optimization. However, the fact that most of Avast’s other features are buried away within the “Explore” tab is somewhat frustrating.

Installation is simple and you’re not obligated to use the free version. However, a thorough scan will find “advanced problems” that require premium security to address. This is a bit shady. Particularly when you click the Resolve option and are taken to a page where you are asked to sign to sign up for Avast Premium security. Avast also sells user information as revealed in a report from 2020 by Which? magazine.

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