Data Room Confidential Mode

Data room confidential mode permits the administrator of a virtual data room restrict the use of the VDR by a particular user based upon their IP address or device type. It’s a great tool for M&A deals as well as other sensitive business ventures.

A good service will allow users to create granular permissions, and also use two-factor authentication. They will also include remote shred that erases files downloaded after administrators have removed access. Additionally they will be able to handle the most common formats for files, such as PDFs and XLSXs. The most reliable providers can put a watermark on files that users download, which deters users from sharing copies of the files online. They can set an expiration date on files that are downloaded to prevent unauthorised downloads.

Other useful tools include redaction that enables the administrator to remove (black out) portions of text or specific areas of a document from view of authorized users. This feature is crucial as it will protect the personal information of all users and important business information from hackers. Most reliable VDR providers can rewrite PDF documents, Doc, Docx PPTX, Txt GIF, JPG and Q&A files.

Some providers let users print out documents which will automatically include a watermark and they can also permit users to download the original version of a document. Finally, a good provider offers users the ability to ask questions and answer that allows them to discuss documents in the data room and keep answers in an easily searchable database. This is a valuable tool for M&A transactions or any due diligence project.

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