4 Common Uses For a Virtual Data Room

A virtual dataroom, also known as VDR, provides an efficient way to share and safeguard confidential documents. While investment bankers are among the heaviest users of this technology, the benefits are available to businesses from all industries. Here are some of the most commonly used uses for VDRs: VDR:

M&A due diligence

A merger or acquisition of an other company involves sharing a lot of documents, typically with third-parties such as auditors and regulatory agencies. Being able to access an organized, secure repository for all of this information helps make the M&A process significantly quicker and more efficient.

Legal cases

Litigation processes involve a large amount of documents that are highly sensitive or confidential. Legal teams need a VDR since these documents can be easily stolen or lost. VDRs give lawyers and regulators to review documents remotely without the risk of compromising security.

Real estate

Signing important documents and sharing them with investors and potential buyers is often a lengthy process if it is executed offline. This process can be accelerated and simplified by using the eSignature option offered by most VDR providers.


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