A VDR for Investors

A virtual data room (VDR) can be used to share all kinds of startup documents with investors. This includes contracts, licenses, permits intellectual property information financial statements, and much more. This saves investment bankers time and effort, allowing them to conduct a due diligence process more efficiently. This improves the speed of transactions and increases the pool of potential customers, thereby increasing demand and the value.

A VDR is an effective tool, particularly for investment banks in M&A transactions. Investment bankers can identify those interested in a transaction by keeping track of the document’s views and user activity. This allows them to determine the best time for the deal to be completed. They can also use the fence view feature of a VDR to share documents that are not complete without compromising sensitive information with outside parties.

Another important feature for investment banks is a granular level of document access rights. This allows them limit who can access, edit or download specific documents to ensure that only authorized persons have access to sensitive information. VDRs let administrators set an expiration date and time, ensuring that old files are deleted.

A great VDR is one that is easy to use and reliable. It should also be fully compliant. This is crucial for investment banks as they must adhere to strict compliance standards. A reliable VDR offers a secure and reliable platform for collaboration, both internally as well as externally. It also offers 24/7 support. Intralinks is a good example of a reliable VDR. It has received positive reviews from users and provides advanced collaboration tools. It boasts a wide range of security protocols, including data and communications encryption two-step logs, an independent infrastructure and hosting centers.


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